We have wide range of Chrysoberyl gemstone starting
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Most distinetive properties of Chrysoberyl is its exceptional hardness with a Mohs hardness of 8.5. it is one of the hardest gemstone second only to Diamond and Corundum. It has a chemical composition of BeAl2O4 and Beryllium mineral Chrysoberyl only forms where large amounts of Beryllium are present.
The color of the Chrysoberyl is caused by Iron or Chromium. They are commonly in yellow, green and brown in color. Its crystal pattern is orthorhombic and sometimes hexagonal looking twinned crystal. Crysoberyl is the gemstone that produces the most distinct Cat’s eye or Chatoyancy. Cat’s eye Chrysoberyl has also called “Cymophane”.
Alexandrite is also a color change variety of Chrysoberyl. In Sri Lankan history, it was said Cat’s eye Chrysoberyl protect us from evil eyes and Hindus believe it could bestow prosperity and good health.


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